It’s funny the way the world works. One minute you’re playing t-ball daydreaming about what it’s like to be an adult…. and then reality…i.e. a baseball smacks you right in the face and you come crashing back to Earth with a quickness.

What does a black eye in t-ball have to do with operating a restaurant you ask? Well, nothing really, but everything does happen for a reason. Be it physically or metaphorically, we’ve all dealt with a black eye or two over the years. It’s how we respond in those moments that define us as a person. I can tell you after my first black eye in a t-ball game, I never let that happen again. Lessons were learned and I carried them with me into my adult years.

My name is Brandon Taylor. My wife Beth and I are the owners of 3Ravens Food & Spirits in historic downtown Monticello. We are not poster children for success. We are just a couple of blue-collar, small-town kids that still believe in the American Dream. One thing is absolute in our story though, we have worked our asses off to earn the title of small business owner. As a matter of fact, Beth was an employee that worked every position at 3Ravens before we transitioned into ownership. Validation that hard work, determination, and big dreams do come true! In life you’ve gotta hustle hard for the things that you want…and that’s what we do.

We hustle hard for you, our patrons. We want your experience at our restaurant to be great! Our goal is to provide exceptional service and high quality food/drinks in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We hustle hard for our team. They are the backbone of this business. We do our best to provide a safe workspace with an inclusive and supportive culture. We are family. We hustle hard for our community. We live here, shop here, invest here, our kids go to school here and we give back to this community as much as we possibly can!

Along with our partners and fellow small-town folk, James (my nemesis on that very ballfield where I received my first black eye) and Marie (Our favorite Chandler) Chandler we want to welcome you to 3Ravens Food & Spirits. This restaurant is our baby, and we love to watch it grow. We hope you will come visit and grow right along with us! Slainte!